The Devil’s in the Details.
Couldn’t be happier with how this one turned out.

Tools of the Trade

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I’ve been a little slack with my personal work since I’ve started working, so I decided to knock these ones out tonight.

I’ll be in Japan next January, Hopefully New York sometime late next year or the year after, and my goal for the next few years is to land a job in San Francisco at VSCO.

Haven’t had much time to work on personal stuff since I’ve started working full time. I can feel my skills slipping.
Here’s a quick piece I knocked out the other day with some cheap brush pens. Basement rule.


After a tonne of setbacks Golly Elyk’s photo zine finally got printed this weekend.

Preorders will be shipped early this week.

This zine came out really nice, 56 pages of Colour and Black and White photography on full bleed pages with a nice 300gsm cover.

As always - designed, printed and bound with love, completely in house by myself.

Fuck a commercial print run while trying to claim “DIY”. Sending a PDF to a printer and getting 1000 zines back in shrink wrap ain’t DIY.

Sorry for the rant. This zine is still available on the store.

Probably the last zine I’ll do for a while. A labour of love is hard sometimes.

Pity Sex,
Newtown Social Club

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Pity Sex,
Beatdisc Records

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Rad Bar

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Rad Bar

Rad Bar