After a tonne of setbacks Golly Elyk’s photo zine finally got printed this weekend.

Preorders will be shipped early this week.

This zine came out really nice, 56 pages of Colour and Black and White photography on full bleed pages with a nice 300gsm cover.

As always - designed, printed and bound with love, completely in house by myself.

Fuck a commercial print run while trying to claim “DIY”. Sending a PDF to a printer and getting 1000 zines back in shrink wrap ain’t DIY.

Sorry for the rant. This zine is still available on the store.

Probably the last zine I’ll do for a while. A labour of love is hard sometimes.

Pity Sex,
Newtown Social Club

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Pity Sex,
Beatdisc Records

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Rad Bar

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Rad Bar

Rad Bar

Toy Boats,
Rad Bar

Started full-time work as a UI Designer today.
Was pretty boring to be honest.

So I finished my degree this week, feels kind of weird not having any reason to wake up in the morning until the foreseeable future, except for a few shifts at work here and there.

I’m planning on launching a design studio with Michael Brunt really soon. Gonna be doing things really different in an attempt to hopefully turn some heads.

Still early days but i’ve started collecting some visual material on a tumblr over here.